BatOwl was developed through real life struggles of a little girl. Through out her life she faces obstacles that consume her vital hopes and dreams. The climax of her sadness peaks after the loss of her father. She then finds herself alone and in deeper sadness. From that sadness a hybrid bird appears to her, who then becomes her friend, mentor and guardian angel. The bird has no name but appears to be half bat and half owl. Thus, “BatOwl” is born.

BatOwl is a reflection of the little girls feelings and also, her alter ego, which she thinks BatOwl is apart from. BatOwl and the little girl are one. In essence, it is a “spirit animal”. Each illustration is an adventure of BatOwl and BatOwl. Both characters are one and express personal spirit in the deepest trenches.

BatOwl’s style is often seen as sullen, however, it is not limited to it as most of the struggles blossom into virtue. BatOwl stays true to minimalist art, expressing emotion through simple verbiage, illustrations and color palette.

BatOwl’s personal purpose is to connect on a human level with those who suffer loss, despair and heartbreak. To touch the “spirit animal” that lives inside everyone.


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