About Us

Behind BatOwl

BatOwl t-shirt print collection created by multimedia artist Gabriela Manrique, who produces art under the name “BatOwl”. Each shirt features a unique BatOwl illustration that captures the essence of life’s most complicated feelings in BatOwl’s simple and minimalist signature style. BatOwl is for the emo, the cry baby, the heartbroken child that lives inside even the most determined champion.

BatOwl is a magical hybrid animal who is half bat, half owl. He was created in one of the girl’s nightmares, and now he is her only friend. The girl is the child inside the adult. She is the underdog, who undertakes big obstacles, believes in her big ideas, and perseveres through her sadness. Sullen and alone, she works out the bumps on the road while BatOwl follows her like a guardian angel and helps her throughout her life. BatOwl is the voice that encourages her to believe in herself.

BatOwl’s Mission in her own words:

“I don’t always feel happy and life sometimes makes it really hard for me. After losing my father, I don’t think I was ever the same again. But like they say “from the grave, flowers grow”, well, that is true to some extent. BatOwl has really helped me heal from a lot of situations. As I grew it, I always felt it was apart from me. I ran to it whenever I had a problem. It made me feel powerful (to create). Later on I drew the little girl which I never named because BatOwl was the bird and I was just X person. And many years after that, today, I feel like BatOwl and the bird were one and it was all internally me, the part of me that finds hope, light and courage to do things. You never truly know how you will live without someone or see the light out of a horrible situation, until that inner you comes out. Not just you, but like your secret weapon that lives inside you that reads “PUSH ON EMERGENCIES ONLY”. I think some people might not discover it. And so they fall into a depression. But there is that thing, and it’s magical. It’s not something someone can give you. It gets your through everything and it’s called “YOU”. I want to inspire people to discover their essence. But also let them know that life does suck! It’s just honest and real. Hopefully, my journey will inspire others and help them just get through that one day. A day to day fight, together.”

BatOwl lives and works in NYC.